If you are thinking about a future teaching career, there are many things you can and should do while you are in high school. Make sure you take and complete the courses you will need in order to be admitted to the college of your choice. In addition, tutoring or mentoring students will provide valuable experience that can help you decide if teaching is the career choice for you.
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Gain experience and learn what teaching is like by volunteering in classrooms for different grades. Check out service learning activities.
Join a Teachers of Tomorrow Club or other programs for future teachers. Find these programs here.
Talk with a counselor to make sure you take the courses that will help you attend the college of your choice.
Decide what type of teaching interests you so you can find the right teacher preparation program.
      Take the PSAT.
      Take the ACT, SAT, and College Placement tests.
      Research colleges, scholarships, and teacher preparation programs, including blended programs that allow you to complete your bachelors degree as part of teacher preparation.
      Make a list of colleges you might like to attend and see if they have financial aid or support programs that can help you become a teacher.
         Get and complete applications from the colleges you are interested in attending. Be sure to meet the deadlines. (CSU / UC is 11/30)
         Apply for financial aid for college between January and March.
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