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Virtual Advisor

The Virtual Advisor can answer your questions about high-need subject areas:

  • Special Education
  • Mathematics
  • Science
Virtual Advisor

High-Need Subject Areas

While all the subjects taught in the public schools are important, there is a greater shortage of teachers in particular subjects. Obtaining a teaching credential in one of these fields would help reduce the shortage, may increase your chances of employment, and increase your geographic choices. Shortage areas include:

Other Subject Areas

While other subject areas may not be experiencing teacher shortages right now, they are important academic core subjects that are required for graduation from high school.

Social ScienceIcon indicating a URL to an external Web site
History-social science teaches students to evaluate change and continuity over time; recognizing patterns and trends in society, politics, as well as the economy and more.
English Language ArtsIcon indicating a URL to an external Web site
Teaches students to listen, read, speak, write, and think critically. Students learn how to use language confidently to express thoughts, information, and feelings.

The California Commission on Teacher CredentialingIcon indicating a URL to an external Web site is the state agency that grants credentials in each of these subject areas.