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Types of Teaching Credentials in California

elementary teacher

Elementary (Authorizes teaching of all subjects in a self-contained classroom in grades preschool, kindergarten-12, or in classes organized primarily for adults.)

Elementary school teachers typically facilitate learning for children from kindergarten to eighth grade in California.

Requirements: Multiple Subject Credential

secondary high school teacher

Secondary (Authorizes teaching specific subject(s) in departmentalized classes, typically grades 7-12.)

California high school teachers engage students in the ninth to twelfth grade in many single subject academic areas like science, mathematics, and English.

Requirements: Single Subject Credential

special education teacher

Special Education (Special Needs)

A special education teacher instructs students with disabilities who have different intensity of needs in various instructional settings.

Requirements: Special Education Credential

Check with the Commission on Teacher Credentialing about the Career Technical Education Teaching CredentialIcon indicating a URL to an external Web site Child Development PermitsIcon indicating a URL to an external Web site, and other education-related credentialsIcon indicating a URL to an external Web site.